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As a central point of many homes, kitchen remodels are often high on people's wishlist. Whether a kitchen upgrade is on the wishlist to increase the value of your home or a dream kitchen, Dyksen and Sons can turn the wishlist into reality! Through experience and care of our customers, we will turn your wishlist into reality while keeping time without your kitchen to a minimum.

On average, people spend 30-60 minutes a day in their bathroom. So, whether you are tired of your dated bathroom, wanting your dream bathroom, or looking to increase your home's value, the team at Dyksen and Sons can complete your project so that those 30-60 minutes are your favorite each day! 

What makes a home is not only the location, it is the people and memories you make within the home. Dyksen and Sons understands that as life changes, the needs of your home do as well. Whether you need a basement finished, living room remodel, or something else, you can trust our team to transform the need!


Whether it stems from simply wanting a new space, children or grandchildren, or another garage, or any other reason, families often require square footage to be added to their home. Adding to your home is a great investment and a great way to love your home even more! Our team specializes in creating new spaces that cater to the many requirements of life.

Living in Northern Indiana, we know how important it is enjoy the outdoors while we can. Whether you are dreaming of outdoor hosting area or a place to soak up the rays, we build decks that will remain beautiful and ready even after the worst of Michiana winters!

As a remodeling business, we understand that your required job can take many shapes and sizes. So, the following is a list of services we provide (P.S., even if yours is not listed, contact us...Chances are we have done that too!): Trim Installation, Door and Window Installation, Hand and Porch Railing Installation, and so much more!

There is not better time than now!

Contact us today to start your project!

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